File sharing home network mac and pc

You will be asked to enter a password for the account you are using to connect to the Mac before you can connect. The home folder for the user name you used will then be displayed in the Explorer window.

How to Access Your Mac Data From a Windows 8 PC

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How do I share files between Macs and PCs over a network? Next, click on the Browse button.

Set advanced file sharing options

Search for: Note that even if you have a Windows account with a password, if you turn off password protected sharing, then people can still connect without typing any credentials. If Shared is not in the sidebar, you have to add it. With Finder open, click on Finder and then Preferences at the top.

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Click on Sidebar and check all the items under Shared. Now go back to Finder and wait till your computer shows up.

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Note that it can take a little while until the Windows 10 PC shows up. To do that, open Finder and click on Go and then Connect to Server.


You have to make sure the firewall is configured properly. Once it shows up in the sidebar, go ahead and click on it. When you click on it, it will try to connect and you may get a message saying Connection Failed or Not Connected.

Access Your Mac's Data the Quick Way or the Easy Way

You can do that by clicking the Connect As button at the top right. Go ahead and type in your credentials and then click OK.

Set Up Your Mac's File Sharing Options

Now you should see the Windows 10 shared folders in Finder on your Mac. To select a specific folder to share, click the Add button at the bottom of the Shared Folders list, locate the folder, select it, then click Add. The Public folder of each user with an account on your Mac is shared automatically. To prevent a folder from being shared, select it in the Shared Folders list and click the Remove button.

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Control-click the name of the folder, choose Advanced Options, select desired options, then click OK. See Set advanced file sharing options. A user with an administrator account can access your entire Mac. To give only specific users or groups access to a folder, select the folder in the Shared Folders list, click the Add button at the bottom of the Users list, then do one of the following:.


Add users or groups from all users of your Mac: Add users or groups from everyone on your network: