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He learnt to play guitar, picking the skill up quite easily. Drums, bass guitar and percussion accompany playing guitar in his instrumental arsenal. This diversity in talent and music knowledge has allowed him to write all elements of his music himself, allowing complete control over his sound.

He has recorded much of his work alone in his apartment studio, where during an interview documentary with Pitchfork he describes an area of this space as The Poetry Zone, leading on to say:. It was a garage rock band with elements of what would become his signature sound values. While working on this project, Makeout Videotape released four EPs and one studio album.

On the 9th of January in , DeMarco was signed to his current label Captured Tracks, this was the start of his solo journey.

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  • Mac DeMarco - My House By the Water Lyrics!

A post shared by macdemarco on Apr 27, at Stevie Moore and Jonathon Richman. These can be seen through his own work, as he utilises flat drums, plenty of vibrato effected guitar rhythms and lulled lyrics that all work together to create a laid-back atmosphere.

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  • Indie-rocker Mac DeMarco wants to make you a cup of coffee!
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  • My House by the Water.
  • ​Mac DeMarco Says His New House Inspired 'Another One'!

As you would expect, you can hear throughout the progression of his releases on how his sound has developed and created their own messages. He has released three albums, one mini LP and one EP. The EP featured 12 tracks, all recorded in the apartment in Montreal he was living in at the time a year prior. Many people are uncertain of the overall theme of the album and some think it surrounds a joke that nobody other than DeMarco knows about. In either case, the resulting songs are glam rock inspired, melded with his signature buzzy, lull vocals, echoing twangy guitar relaxed pace.

My House by the Water, a song by Mac DeMarco on Spotify

Recorded also in in the same apartment, the album holds 11 tracks that cover topics of suburban life, family and love. Skip forward to April and this was when DeMarco released his arguably most successful album, Salad Days. He worked on this album in his Brooklyn Apartment, after a year and a half of touring and then coming home completely worn out. This time spent between the end of touring and writing Salad Days become time to unwind and decompress, which meant changing his sound up again.

In an interview with Exclaim!

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DeMarco wears starchy Goodwill button-ups and sports a big split-toothed grin. DeMarco is notably direct in his lyricism, which makes it pretty easy to carve out a miniature self-help book. Here are 19 wise DeMarco lyrics we can all learn from.

  1. My House By The Water Lyrics by Mac Demarco.
  2. Mac DeMarco - My House by the Water Lyrics.
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  5. My House By The Water | Mac DeMarco.
  6. "My House By The Water" lyrics.
  7. There is something about heartbreak than can absolutely make you feel like an old, tired animal who spends all day glued to the same square-foot of carpet. Hell of a story, or is it boring? Existence is finite! If you live life like Mac DeMarco, there will be the occasional moment where literally the only thing you have that loves you is your favorite brand of cigarettes.

    Mac DeMarco says ’30 kids have come over so far’ since giving out his address on new song

    Sometimes you have to take solace in your bad habits! It might hurt at first, but saying it out loud can be weirdly reassuring. One of the saddest truths in life is that sometimes people fade out of your life without closure.

    Saying goodbye under those circumstances is really hard, so Mac wrote this song instead. Monotonous careerist lifestyles do absolutely nothing for DeMarco — which to be fair, is a pretty easy thing to say as a rockstar. See you later.